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((Below is a letter to other selves... which is... derpingly, being written in her Journal, rather than on a seperate document!))

Dear... Me!

Sometimes I know there's other versions of me that come here, like, one time there was a ninja me, and one time there was a younger me! So, this is the... normal me writing to you!

This place is called Luceti. There's a lot of nice people here, and some of them are your friends too! But there's some bad people that you might know too, so, be careful, okay?

I don't know where you come from, but, I'm sorry I'm not here to greet you either. Sometime there's these, uhm... Experiments I think they're called. They make the people here act really funny, and sometimes I get to see it, but sometimes I end up getting lost, so I miss the whole thing! So while you're here, other me, please try to be nice to everyone! And it might really help the both of us if, maybe, please, you could pretend to be me! It's not hard! Be nice to people and if they need to go somewhere, offer to teleport them! A lot of people really appreciate that, since people like to move to different places, and it really makes that go by really fast.

You know ,that gives me an idea, so I'm going to end this letter. I'll leave it right here for you too!


((And she stops writing, turns the page in her journal, and proceeds as normal))

Hello everyone! I just had a great idea! Does anyone need help moving!?
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E-excuse me but, does *ACHOO*

[[And then the message was over... or... just idle for a few minutes. AWKWARD SILENCE.

It'll come back eventually! Don't stray too far!]]

Uwaa... d-does anyone know how to get rid of a cold quickly?

I know... it's nothing special for one person to get sick... a lot of people do but... It's really bad if I start sneez-*ACHOO*

[[Silence, looking around...]] I'm really sorry if somebody's things start disappearing... I'll try to return everything but... I think I'm getting a cold and I'd like to get rid of it soon.
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Ahhh... there it goes... I know I use this a lot, but I forget if it's different when I want to talk to everyone.

I waited a while so the New Feathers can get settled in!

So... so I wanted to ask if there's anybody from my world that showed up, maybe. I don't think it had a special name, but, it's different in that people use Runes for Magic, and there's 27 True Runes that govern the world.

And the Tablet of Destiny too! That's something I see a lot. A lot of people from that... my... world have come and gone, and... I was hoping I had some more friends here.

Uwaa... what was the other thing I wanted to say...

Oh! Because there's New Feathers... I thought I could help people move! I can teleport things using my Rune, and it would make a lot of things really easy to get around, as long as I've been there once before! Or... maybe there's still somebody lost in the forest who got here! I know being lost is a terrible feeling, so, I'm sure I could find you!
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Hello everyone. I know this is a little late, but I think everyone's come back, one way or another, and I'm glad for that.

But, this is mostly to my friends from my world. Something seems a bit different, but, in a way, I think this is rather beneficial.

I understand that for the longest time I haven't been very clear on things, particularly things about myself. I'd explain them freely, but, there are some that... I'd rather not impart that information to.

I'm still not used to the filtering for these journals, so, if you like, feel free to ask me anything, as I feel, for once, I can answer you coherently.

[[Wait... Full sentences? Big words? No "Uwaaa"?

Where did the derp go?]]
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[[Most people are freaking out... But someone has to have fun with it, right?

There's a giant squirrel with a pink cape, a familiar wand, and a big grin gliding about. Finally it plops down someone, bouncing on it's belly first.]]

Flying is so fun! I don't know why I'm a squirrel, but this is fun!

[[Viki will be flying about the village... landing once in a while (on her belly first), before scurrying up to somewhere high and taking off again. Interrupt freely!]]
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[[Suddenly, in the middle of the road, there is a bed, a desk, a couple of chairs, a potted plant, and a lamp. Surprisingly they look set quite like they would be set up in an apartment.

The best part of this is... there's a girl still asleep in the bed.]]


[[Isn't she cute? No, but really, she's shivering a little, and... she's in a bed outside. That's bad right? Dare you wake this unfortunate girl who seems to be the end of some terrible prank? Who would leave a girl sleeping out in the cold like this anyway?]]

((Also, requesting permission to randomly teleport you around the area?))
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Uwaaaa... it's time for new people again! That's great! More of my friends might show up!

But some of them left too. At least they're going home though. This place is kind of like a vacation! Well... except for those Malno-things and the other bad guys, there's not much of a war. A lot less people die, and people are only sad when their friends go home!

We don't have to have a funeral or worry about training really early in the morning, or accidentally dropping a pig on the scary Winger's head or anything like that!

Uwaaa... I'm glad we don't keep octupusses in the lake too... They were so touchy... but they were nice, like a little family! One of them even had a pot on his head, it was cute!

Ooooh!! I know I know! Mister Sanji! Let's have a banquet for all the New Feathers! That's a good idea, right!?
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I've... been hearing some of this a lot... and I think this is the first time I've heard about this draft and people doing off away from here to fight.

If you die there... do you die forever? Not even a Resurrection Rune would help?
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**Viki teleports into the "Lost and Found" store... on accident. But, it never hurts to explore places she rarely goes. Looking about the shop, she sees a sheet covering what could be a mirror or a picture.

Viki tugs the sheet and squeals! Bragging the edges of the mirror, she teleports away from it, now appearing in the town square! She's happily admiring, not herself, but the actual full-body mirror she's standing in front of**

Uwaaaaa!!! I didn't think this would be here too!

**She's very approachable while standing in front of the mirror.**
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**Viki is sitting on her bed, unaffected, but not ignorant.**

It's... it's not me, I swear! **Anyone who knows her knows what she means, but do feel free to inquire.**
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Hello journal, and Luceti! Lots of new people are arriving now, and I was wondering if maybe there was anybody from my world that just got here?

My name's Viki! I helped in the Falenian war, Island Nation war, Toran and Dunan wars and the ahhh... was that the first or second Firebringer...

Uwaaa... I have a really bad habit of teleporting near lots of battles, but, I made a lot of friends! Well, if there's anybody new, or, everybody I know! I wanted us all to have a banquet but, things keep happening and it gets pushed back and held off.
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I heard that everything was really busy and confusing last week.

But, did anyone happen to see someone living in my apartment. I don't remember being here, but, there's this ninja girl's outfit in my closet now. And I heard there was a ninja with the same name as me too.

Could someone tell me what happened?

**Does she really not remember the last week? Was the Ninja Viki really someone else? It's Viki we're talking about... Just help the poor girl make sense of it.~**
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**Viki has spend a couple of days thinking about what's going on. She's taken her time listening to those in confusion, and watch them from the non-chaotic state of her apartment.

But now, it's time to check on people she hasn't (or can't) hear from. She'll be teleporting to the locations of those she knows (Castmates and Sanji definately), but, being in her nature, her teleportation still makes mistakes, so, feel free to have her appear in front of you, or behind.

However, anyone who's seen the cute, mage klutz before will be meeting with a graceful ninja-babe (appropriately dressed for the role of course) Aside from a class change, and less ditz, nothing's different!**
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Uwaaa... This is like... an Earth Rune...

N-no... wait... this isn't... this is like...

Oh no! AH... wait... Sasarai isn't here! How... What's happening!? This isn't a Rune... I don't know what to do!

**Who'd have thought? Viki's first natural earthquake... and she's kind of flipping out!**
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I tried... I really tried, but, I don't like living alone. It's... scary being alone.

Ahh... Prince... could I possibly move in with you? Or... uhm... anybody I know?
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((You could SHAKE your journal and hack this entry!))

Hey, everyone! I think I finally decided! Let's have our banquet two weeks from today! Is that a good time for everyone? Sanji? Is that plenty of time?

I hope nobody was hurt in that weird rain we had. I've never seen it rain trees before...
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Ahhh... two months here. It's really not as bad as Lilly said it was. And I keep finding more and more of my old friends.

I'm sorry if I'm confusing everyone. I think I confused Tir the most recently. I really was sure it was Ted back then.

You know! Since we're all here, we should get together for a banquet! I talked to a really nice guy here who said that he loves to cook. Wouldn't that be great!
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Uwaaaaa... Oh no! Not again! Ahhhh, I missed another banquet. I can't believe it! This isn't fair!

Ahh, where am I now though? Uhm... hello? Prince? Lord Tir? Master Thomas? Hello?? Is someone there?


Ahhh... I'm... Oh, I'm still right here. Okay! Uwaa... what was that? Ahh... Wings! I've got wings! Oh wow! I wonder what rune did this. Did someone give me a rune I don't know about? Ahh, not there, okay. Ahhh... ahhh...

UWAAAA! My mirror is gone! Wait... uhm... the Prince has it? No, every time this happens it comes with me. Maybe I have a new rune but, I can't see on my head, and my mirror is gone.

And I'm somewhere else now.

I wonder where I ended up this time. Prince? Master Thomas? Anyone??


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